Moneyfacts the monthly magazine is the trusted source of accurate and independent financial data from the personal finance market. Financial advisers, accountants, solicitors and providers rely on Moneyfacts to keep track of savings, mortgages, loans, cards and offshore accounts from the UK’s banks, building societies and credit lenders.

Invaluable when used as a visual aid during fact finds and interviews, Moneyfacts builds trust and confidence by backing advisers’ recommendations, helping them to present a credible and professional image. Straightforward data charts instantly identify the products that will save customers money or increase their income, making product comparisons quick and easy.

An effective sales tool, Moneyfacts is also ideal for research and audit trails. Each issue contains a range of articles from key figures in the industry, industry news and a round-up of product changes and useful indices.

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A subscription to Moneyfacts just got even better

Subscribers will also receive, as well as the paper version the magazine in digital. This allows subscribers to look at the renowned Moneyfacts data they trust with added functionality. The new format enables subscribers to link direct to providers sites, bookmark favourite pages, highlight those product provider entries for further discussions with clients and make digital notes for audit trail purposes.

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If you are a practicing mortgage broker or financial adviser, a subscription also includes the Moneyfacts Daily News Bulletin free of charge. Delivered via email each weekday morning, it provides an invaluable overview of industry news plus 40 key market rates and indices.

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Plus throughout the year the subscription will include a series of product supplements providing
detailed coverage of specific financial products and a yearly ‘taxfacts’ booklet.

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