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Moneyfacts Reports cover the key facts and trends related to specific areas of personal finance including mortgages, savings, pensions and credit cards. Current and historical data are analysed using incisive commentary and clear line graphs and charts. These comprehensive reports provide essential reading for regulators, providers, economists and those working in the wider areas of strategic planning, product development, pricing and marketing.

The vast majority of data contained in Moneyfacts Reports is exclusive to Moneyfacts. Our whole-of-market databases are built and maintained by our dedicated product researchers who are in direct contact with providers, ensuring our data is always up-to-date.

Moneyfacts Reports users include HM Treasury, the Financial Conduct Authority,
the Council of Mortgage Lenders, plus many banks and building societies.

The Moneyfacts UK Mortgage Trends Treasury Report delivers a monthly review of the UK residential and buy-to-let mortgage markets. It monitors response to base rate changes on a lender-by-lender basis and includes an overview of monthly activity. Specific trends analysed include average mortgage rates, product numbers and affordability, arrears and repossessions. This report provides invaluable insight into product competitiveness and is ideal for strategic planning.
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The Moneyfacts UK Savings Trends Treasury Report provides a vital monthly overview of the savings and investment market. It analyses a range of key trends including average savings rates, the number of products and providers competing in the market and consumer demand. This report offers valuable insight into variable and fixed rate savings trends and is particularly useful when planning new product launches.
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The Moneyfacts UK Credit Cards Trends Treasury Report delivers a quarterly survey of credit card, unsecured personal loan and overdraft data. It monitors key trends including the number of products available to new customers, average loan APRs and the value and volume of credit card spending. This report provides insight into product competitiveness and pricing trends, including fees and charges, and is of great benefit when planning marketing and PR campaigns.
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The Moneyfacts Personal Pension and Annuity Trends Treasury Report provides an in-depth quarterly review of the UK personal pension and annuity sectors. It includes detailed analysis of annuity rate changes, average pension fund returns, pension maturity values, average annuity rates and retirement income trends. This report offers insight into pension fund performance, personal pension payouts and the relationship between annuity rates and gilt yields.
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The Moneyfacts Mortgage Demand Data Executive Report analyses customers' preference and requirements in the residential mortgage market. This monthly report tracks average mortgage amounts, changes in mortgage demand, loan-to-value requirements and preferences for fixed and variable rate deals. Click for further information

The Moneyfacts Mortgage Risk Executive Report combines the key elements of the UK mortgage market. This monthly report contains intelligent structuring of data on historic and current mortgage pricing, loan-to-value demand and availability of fixed and variable rate mortgages. Trend analysis indicates lending risk versus consumer demand and provides quartile evidence of rate and product type, which can assist with the positioning of new products. Click for further information

The Moneyfacts Mortgage Metrics Executive Report provides an innovative review of the UK mortgage market. Designed to give an indication of lending margins, market pricing variations and consumer demand for each loan-to-value tier, it can be used to evaluate a product's viability. The monthly report includes details of product availability, changes in rates and spreads and average rate spreads against SWAP rates by LTV tier and initial period. Click for further information

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